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Library Love Stories

Would you fall in love in a library? Can a place of culture, knowledge and information be a place of passion?

The IFLA New Professionals Special Interest Group (NPSIG) and Management and Marketing Section is seeking proposals for papers to be presented at a two-hour session at the next IFLA General Conference on 24-30 August 2019 in Athens, Greece.

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During the 2-hour session, we would like to address four main issues:

  1. Love among users – Are some libraries more suited for people to meet and fall in love? Can libraries and librarians play a role as cultural matchmakers in the community? Can our collections help our users with their love life?
  2. Love among librarians – Have you ever fallen in love with a colleague? How should managers deal with a couple in their team? How important are passion and desire in professional relationships?
  3. Love between librarians and library users – Can we fall in love on both sides of a reference desk?
  4. How do we manage unwanted wooing in the library? When does it become harassment and how do we deal with these situations to protect our staff and patrons? This is a serious issue and it is probably time for us all to address it frankly.

We would like to address these issues traditionally, through a call for papers and an international survey, from the point of view of sociology, geography and library sciences. Whilst this sounds like a fun topic, human relationships can be very complicated and we want to address these questions professionally and respectfully.

Nevertheless, the topic is an opportunity to challenge the conventions of IFLA sessions, for instance through a visual performance or a participatory event. We are seeking proposals for 7 lightning talks (~6 minutes each) aimed at igniting lively discussions among the audience: share your stories, thoughts, images, films and experiments with us!
Read the complete call here and submit your paper proposal before March 15th to!

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Bibliotēku mīļu diena

© Elīna Sniedze, 2012

Jau rīt ir 14. februāris – vispasaules mīlētāju diena par godu Svētajam Valentīnam. Kā vēsta leģendas, pavisam ir bijuši trīs (dažviet apgalvots, ka seši) svētie ar vārdu Valentīns. Taču vispatiesākais Valentīndienas aizsākums, man šķiet, ir leģenda par Svēto Valentīnu, kurš tika apcietināts un pirms nāves no cietuma kameras ar savām asinīm rakstīja vēstuli, kuru viņš sūtīja cietuma apsarga meitai un parakstīja ar tekstu “no tava Valentīna”, un šī frāze vijas cauri gadsimtiem, kā Valentīndienas apsveikumu romantiskais paraksts (1).

Šajā dienā apsveiksim un samīļosim savas otrās pusītes, skatīsimies filmu “Titāniks” un varbūt arī palasīsim kādu labu romantisku grāmatu. Bet, vai jūs zināt, kā šo dienu pavada bibliotēkās?

14. februāris – Bibliotēku mīļu diena

Austrālijas Bibliotēku un informācijas biedrība 14. februārī aicina atzīmēt tieši Bibliotēku mīļu dienu (Library Lovers day). Tā kā neesmu redzējusi vai dzirdējusi, ka arī Latvijas bibliotēkās norisinātos šī akcija jeb svētki, tad aicinu šogad šos svētkus bibliotēkās sagaidīt un pavadīt īpašāk nekā citos gados.

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