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Četri jaunie speciālisti no Igaunijas un Lietuvas viesosies 4CanGurus konferencē un sniegs prezentācijas pecha-kucha (20 slaidi x 20 sekundes) formātā.

Brigitta Kivisaar, Tallinas Centrālā bibliotēka
“Es un Igaunijas Bibliotekāru biedrība”

Brigitta Kivisaar works as the Head Librarian of Information Services at the biggest public library in Estonia, the Tallinn Central Library. Brigitta has 3 years experience on organizing different patron training programs in the library system and schooling both patrons and fellow librarians.

Brigitta has finishing her Bachelor’s degree in Information Sciences at the Tallinn Central University and has participated in several professional conferences and lectures, for example a very thorough training program on adult education. She also took part in the first international non-conferences for new professionals – IFLAcamp in Hämeenlinna and IFLAcamp Library Creative Laboratory in Kaliningrad.

Her interests in the library field are implementing innovative technologies in the everyday life of library visitors and offering new patron training courses. Brigitta has written articles to the Estonian librarians’ magazine Raamatukogu which is a part of the vision of sharing new ideas with fellow librarians and getting the young professionals’ voice more represented on the professional field. A big part of her every day job is managing the information services of the library and the work of librarians at the main reference reading room.

Jaana Roos, Tallinas Universitātes Akadēmiskā bibliotēka
“Igaunijas nākotnes bibliotekāri”

Jaana Roos is a public relations manager in the Academic Library of Tallinn University, before that she was senior librarian in the same library. In 2013, Jaana graduated the Tallinn University; she has a Master’s degree in information science.

Jaana has attended several professional events. In 2011, she represented the students of the Tallinn University Institute of Information Studies on the meeting where librarians discussed about marketing and image building in public libraries. In 2013, she presented her paper “Why Estonian university libraries don’t trust Facebook” in the BOBCATSSS conference in Ankara, Turkey.

At the moment, Jaana continues her studies in the international master programme Digital Library Learning (DILL). She plans to proceed with the research topic which concerns about marketing university libraries. On current job position it is perfect for her to apply the theories and research results into practice, this is the main reason why the library offered her a job in PR sector.

Jaana is friendly and outgoing, there is no problem to her to start chatting with a totally stranger. She likes to be organized, she is conscientious, and she is never late on the meetings. And those are the main things her closest people and employers have appreciated: Jaana is a mix of typical librarian and frisky PR manager.

Alma Masevičienė, Martynas Mažvyda Lietuvas Nacionālā bibliotēka
“Darbs ar manuskriptiem – kāpēc tas ir tik interesanti?”

Alma Masevičienė is working in Martynas Mažvydas National Library of Lithuania since 2005. She has deserved respect and authority among colleagues and is recognised by the library’s management. Her work in the Rare Book and Manuscript Department requires the most professional competence. Alma has got education in cultural history, which helps her a lot in daily professional works. Alma successfully meets changing information, cultural and scientific challenges, by constantly improving her competence and knowledge. She is a coordinator of the international project implemented together with the Department of Slavic and Baltic Language and Literature of the Illinois University, and that‘s what also adds a lot to development of her management and international cooperation skills.

Alma is also an active member of the Lithuanian Librarians’ Association (LLA). Since 2010, she is a chairperson of the National Library’s Section, and since this year – a member of LLA Council. In 2012, she was one of the coordinators of the international librarians’ unconference “Cycling for libraries”.

Ignacas Kislauskas, Klaipēdas Universitātes bibliotēka
“Iespēja strādāt bez laika un vietas ierobežojumiem”

Ignacas Kislauskas casual workday doesn’t concentrate only in couple of things at library. Mostly he works in the Rare Books, Collections and Manuscripts Department with many old various documents of famous persons of Lithuania like composers, singers and etc. (who emigrated from Lithuania to USA after Second World War): letters, books, newspapers and so on. Here he has to manage all this material – to describe and to digitize it and so on. Other part of the day usually is dedicated for Klaipėda University teachers’ publications by entering data to the common system of all Lithuania academic staff publications database. These two parts of the day look enough different but together something common because everything that Ignacas does he likes and here is the reason – he wanted to study the archivist subject in university some time ago, but he graduated the subject of public administration. As the consequence now, he enjoys working the job about he dreamt. In 2013, he had an opportunity to go to the USA, to go to the country where many of these famous persons, whose archives now are in Klaipėda University Library, lived there. To look closer at places where and how they lived, to meet with other Lithuanian people who still live there, and the most relevant thing – to visit one of the biggest archive  of Lithuanian Culture in the USA (ALKA) near Boston (Massachusetts). Ignacas had worked in this archive for one month.

Despite all things Ignacas does casually in work, he wants something more to do. He is a member of the Lithuanian Librarians’ Association (LLA). He is a volunteer in Klaipėda Association of Youth Organizations “Apskritasis stalas” (Round table). Through these both associations he joins to people whose day doesn’t end only with casual workday.

As an illustration of the all activities Ignacas does, he likes taking long distances by his bike: starting with a casual way to job and back, and ending with spare time activity in summer time with his bike by taking routes along Lithuania coast (here are very good paths for bikes along all the coast of Lithuania). Sometimes he likes just to take his photo camera and travel through various places to memorize that he sees. Something the same as in his job?..

You can ask, how about reading books? Ignacas works in the library, so he should be a reading man. To sum up all these activities, sometimes there is not much time left for calm reading, but he appreciates very much these rare moments spent with book especially when coming back to his homeland by the train…

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