Librarians Around the World


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The project “Librarians Around the World” is in progress!

“Librarians Around the World” is an online project where 40 participants from 26 countries will write the article about their study and work experience, about the library system, association in their country or some interesting projects that they have, even about problems that they have (no funding for library, expensive studies, struggle to find work, etc.)! The articles will be published as an e-book in English and Latvian.

The aim of project is to promote librarian profession and to create article series in our blog about librarians, library systems and education in different countries to educate students and librarians about libraries around the World. To tell high school students about librarian profession, to tell government about our problems, to make the world see that there are lots of awesome librarians out there. To show that we read (but not only!), do researches, attend conferences, create awesome projects, also that we have parties and that sometimes one librarian has to be as an orchestra – to manage and do everything – create events, catalogue books, buy new books, research, design, sing, dance, act, etc.

Let’s show the world that there are libraries and we need them!