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10.-11. jūnijā Ventspilī!

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4CanGurus konferencē Ventspilī mums pievienosies vieslektores no Somijas Ria Gynther un Jasmiina Sillanpää, kuras pastāstīs par pieredzi BOBCATSSS 2017 konferences rīkošanā, kā arī tās ietekmi uz personību un mācību vidi.

Ria Gynther and Jasmiina Sillanpää

BOBCATSSS – Conference Work Seen as a Learning Environment for Internationalization at Home

Video from conference can be found here!

Our presentation focuses to describe the BOBCATSSS – conference work as a learning environment that supports the internationalization of students, more specifically in the sense of internationalization at home. BOBCATSSS is an annual library and information science symposium organized by students. We personally have been working with BOBCATSSS for almost three years now. We were part of the co-organizer team of BOBCATSSS 2015 in Brno and at the moment we are organizing the upcoming BOBCATSSS 2017 in Tampere.

In our presentation we will utilize our inside knowledge from BOBCATSSS work and also talk about our upcoming thesis. In the thesis we will design and pilot a survey that aims to answer more deeply to the question of how effectively BOBCATSSS – work is enabling student internationalization and enhancing their cross-cultural competencies.

After our presentation there will be time for questions and group discussion. We will happily answer all your questions and might even make a few ourselves.

Ria Gynther

Ria Gynther works as an Information Specialist in Lahti University of Applied Sciences. Her responsibilities include teaching and coordinating Information Skills related topics, such as information skills test and online study courses. She also coordinates and implements demo and pilot projects in her unit.

Alongside work, Ria studies in University of Tampere, School of Information Sciences. She is Bachelor of Science and currently studies in the Master’s Degree Program in Internet and Game Studies. She also has a Bachelor’s degree in Hospitality Management.

Ria started to work with BOBCATSSS in the fall of 2014 as a part of the co-organizing team of BOBCATSSS 2015 held in Brno. When Tampere was selected as the host of 2017 conference it was obvious that she would also work in that project. Ria is a member of the marketing and social media team of the upcoming event.

In personal life Ria loves to travel, eat and read, preferably all these combined. There is always new trip to be planned and new foods to try, and books, there is no end in finding something good to read. From libraries of course!

Ria can be found from LinkedIn:

Jasmiina Sillanpaa

Jasmiina Sillanpää is a Master’s Degree student of Information Sciences at the University of Tampere. She is now finishing her Bachelor’s Degree and working at the Tampere City Library as a librarian trainee.

Jasmiina started working with BOBCATSSS in the spring of 2014 as a part of the co-organizing team of BOBCATSSS 2015 held in Brno. She was one of the students to suggest that Tampere could host the 2017 conference, and when the conference was given to Tampere, she was happy to take on the task of conference coordinator.

Alongside her studies, she has worked as a teacher responsible and as a research assistant in the School of Information Sciences at the University of Tampere. Jasmiina has also been an active member of her student organization and is now the very first student board member in the Finnish Library Association (FLA).

During her free time Jasmiina loves to explore and photograph the Finnish nature with her husband and four-year-old son. Her hobbies include traveling, oil painting and reading.

Jasmiina can be found from LinkedIn:ää-627303b1

Video from conference: