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Project “Librarians Around the World”

Information about the project updated.

Deadline for applications extended until 13th February!


We are very happy that our project “Librarians Around the World” is considered to be inspiring, useful and seems that together we will create this project even more awesome and it will have an impact for the future. We have received many applications from the countries that we thought is impossible to reach. But now we believe that impossible is possible!

NB! As we have received also more than one application from the same country and we want to accept as many people as we can, we have changed the rules and there will be more than one participant selected from each country. We see that librarians are willing to share their stories. To create the quality for the articles we will create author teams for each country – every author will have to write their own experience and problems or success stories, but together the team of the authors will create article about their country – library system, education opportunities, qualification rules, library associations.

If you haven’t heard what this project is about, please read the information below and join!

New Professionals Section of Latvian Librarian Association (LBB JSS) kindly invite you to participate in our ongoing online project “Librarians Around the World” where we want participants to create article about their study and work experience, about the library system, association in their country or some interesting projects that they have, even about problems that they have (no funding for library, expensive studies, struggle to find work, etc.).!

The aim of project is to promote librarian profession and to create article series in our blog about librarians, library systems and education in different countries to educate students and librarians about libraries around the World. To tell high school students about librarian profession, to tell government about our problems, to make the world see that there are lots of awesome librarians out there. To show that we read (but not only!), do researches, attend conferences, create awesome projects, also that we have parties and that sometimes one librarian has to be as an orchestra – to manage and do everything – create events, catalogue books, buy new books, research, design, sing, dance, act, etc.

Let’s show the world that there are libraries and we need them!

What to do to participate:

  1. E-mail that you are willing to participate until Thursday -13.02.2017. (update – There will be more than one participant selected from each country. We will create teams for each country.). Participants will get a certificate of participation. Authors notification and guidelines about the article will be sent on Tuesday – 14.02.2017.
  2. Authors will have to write an article about themselves, their projects, library system and education opportunities in their country until 15.03.2017. (Length of the article is not limited, but at least 500 words would be nice) and add photos. Articles will be published in English and Latvian in our blog. If there will be at least 10-15 participants we will create an online article collection and it will be sent to authors, students and librarians as pdf file.

If you are not willing to participate, please feel free to pass this information to your colleagues who might be interested.

Best wishes,
Elīna Sniedze

Manager of the project “Librarians Around the World”
Chair of Latvian Librarian Association Section of New Professionals (LBB JSS)

Updated 09.02.2017.


LBB JSS vadītāja, LBB valdes locekle, LR Patentu valdes Intelektuālā īpašuma informācijas centra vecāka referente

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