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Estonian Librarians Association Young Professionals Club

Šoreiz piedāvājam Igaunijas jauno speciālistu rakstu par to, kā notiek jauno speciālistu kluba izveide Igaunijā. Lietuvas jauno speciālistu rakstu varat lasīt šeit. Mūsu sadarbība izveidojusies vairāk kā gadu atpakaļ, kad aicinājām jaunos speciālistus no Lietuvas un Igaunijas uz 4CanGurus Preiļos un Latvijas bibliotekāru 11. kongresu.

© Jaana Roos, Liina Tamm, 2014 | specially for LBB JSS

The beginning

In the winter of 2013 the Estonian Librarians Associations (ELA) Special Libraries Section had their annual meeting and the discussion about ELA became very emotional, especially, when it came to young professionals and their involvement in the development of librarianship and information work. After the meeting Liina Tamm asked her friends, who worked as information specialists, how they feel about ELA. The answers were not good at all – young professionals were not motivated to participate in ELA, because they felt, that no-one listened to them and that the organization itself was ancient. Afterwards Liina presented the opinion of this little group of people to the board of ELA in spring 2013. The discussion with ELA about the future goals in terms of young professionals was very difficult, because of the different understandings about how things should work and what kind of support the novices need.

In spring 2014 Brigitta Kivisaar and Jaana Roos were professionally getting in touch with Latvian and Lithuanian young professionals, participating at an event called “4CanGurus” held in Preiļi, Latvia. Young librarians from both countries already had their own sections, during the event Latvian colleagues motivated Brigitta and Jaana to establish a section also in Estonia.

So it was only a matter of time, when those three met for cooperation. Therefore, ELA made the suggestion to create a special unit to ELA for the young professionals, so in 1th of May 2014 the ELA’s Young Professionals Club was founded.

Discussion in BibliCamp
Discussion in BibliCamp

What is the game-plan?

The problem in Estonia is that information specialists are educated in 2 different schools – in the Tallinn University and in the Tartu University. Therefore the studying young professionals and those already in action do not know each other. Also a challenge is that not every young professional in Estonia is a member of ELA because of the problems mentioned earlier. So our main effort has been to find the young people, who would like to join us, and to map out the issues we can change in terms of overall cooperation between young professionals still learning and already working. Currently we have 37 young information professionals in our mailing list, seven of them are active members, who form the basis of the club.

In June 2014 with a little help from ELA we managed to organize an event called BibliCamp in Abja-Paluoja. The aim of the event was to meet and get to know each other. When putting together a plan, we really wanted to talk about the practical issues we felt were important for young specialists in the field on information service (how to manage a crisis situation in the library, how different the clients in libraries are, what do young professionals need from ELA etc). Our first event was maybe not so crowded (altogether 11 attendees, including 2 students from Tartu University), but we had a good feedback and ideas for future plans.

Some posters from BibliCamp
Some posters from BibliCamp

There was also a meeting of young professionals’ club active members and ELA education committee in November 2014. The initiative came from the committee, this showed us very clearly that our youth club is noticed and recognized. During the meeting we discussed some issues that arose at BibliCamp event, unfortunately there was not enough time to argue about everything we would have liked. But this event was great starting point and gave us much more confidence for the future.


Currently we are trying to organize a meeting between already working young professionals, the information science students and staff from the two universities in terms of how different is the real work from the theory. Our goal is to move on step by step, because first intention is to get to know each other and then deal with changes in the international field. As Estonians we are known for our long minded temper, they say, that good thing do take some time. 🙂


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