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Lithuanian Librarians Young Professionals Section

Pirms kāda laika izveidojām lielisku sadarbību ar jaunajiem bibliotekāriem no Lietuvas un Igaunijas. Ieteicām, ka arī viņiem ir jāveido sava jauno speciālistu kustība, uzaicinājām viņus ciemos uz 4CanGurus Preiļos, kā arī vēlāk uz Latvijas bibliotekāru 11. kongresu. Vēlējāmies uzzināt, kā viņiem veicas, tāpēc aicinājām par to pastāstīt mūsu blogā. Šodien Lietuvas jauno speciālistu raksts, bet nākamnedēļ varēsiet iepazīties Igaunijas jauno speciālistu rakstu.

© Ignacas Kislauskas, 2014 | specially for LBB JSS

The Lithuanian Librarians Young Professionals Section (LLYPS) was founded at the beginning of 2014 as a sign of spring coming back to our land. Lithuania already had the Lithuanian Library Association, which was founded in 1931, but our young specialists were left to be alone with lack of development of skills in their specialty. The spring of 2014 has brought some fresh air into Lithuanian librarians life and the hope for our new specialists to become more qualified and self-confident in their profession. For the idea to found such LLYPS we should thank our colleagues and neighbors from Latvia – the New Professionals Section of the Library Association of Latvia. According to the project “Establishing the new library and information professionals’ network in the Baltic states” which was done by colleagues from Latvia, two young representatives were invited to participate in the new professionals conference “4CanGurus”, which was held in Preiļi (Latvia). To sum up, this was the birth of LLYPS, which was founded after this conference and partnership with our young colleagues from Latvia.

The very first year was really dynamic and productive for the beginning of LLYPS. The first representative of LLYPS was appointed – Ignacas Kislauskas from the Klaipėda University Library. However, a lot work was done by Alma Masevičienė from the Martynas Mažvydas National Library of Lithuania to strengthen LLYPS. The number of LLYPS members was rapidly growing during the first year from a couple of members in the beginning of the year, we have reached almost 60. At the end of this year we have elected the new chief representative of LLYPS. Now it’s Eglė Grigaitė from the Kaunas District Public Library. All our news and communication between LLYPS members is organised through our own e-mail system, Facebook group, and on website page.

Eglė Grigaitė
Eglė Grigaitė

In the summer some members of LLYPS were responsible for the big cycling enthusiast event – Cycling for Libraries “Baltic Star 2014”. These members had to prepare for cycling by making  a route from Plungė till Kaunas.

Baltic Star
Baltic Star

At the end of the summer we had a library camp project. During the camp there were professional skill development lectures for young librarians from all over Lithuania.

LLYPS at the camp
LLYPS at the camp

Young librarians from various Lithuanian libraries were the main organizers of various flash mobs and arranged different events during the Lithuanian National Libraries Week, for example:

Myliu knygą
Flash mob near the Presidential Palace of Lithuania.
The made sentence is “I love book” or “Myliu knygą”.
  • The Tauragė Public Library video
  • The Klaipėda University Library video with made sentence “LLYPS loves library”


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