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International conference for students

The international conference for students of social sciences will take place in Riga, Latvia at the Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Latvia from 15th to 17th March 2012. Theme of the conference: “National Identity: Time, Place, People”. Students of the social sciences will represent various countries, ensure active mutual communication among students, researchers, teaching staff and practitioners, and promote integrated interdisciplinary dialogue for research on different social issues.

Three members of the New Professionals Section of the Library Association of Latvia and also students of the Faculty of Social Sciences – Margarita Dankova, Sanita Malēja and Madara Vīlipa – will present their paper “Emotions in e-motion” on how use of emoticons influences computer mediated communication. The research is based on workshop conducted at the international symposium BOBCATSSS 2012 in Amsterdam.

Summary of the paper:

“Electronic communication nowadays plays a similar role to face to face conversations. Though one can assume that it’s lacking non-verbal cues like facial expressions, eye contact, body positions and hand gestures that can be important in order to understand what’s being said. “Smileys” or emoticons are used widely online in order to express additional emotion or body gestures. The paper strives to address frequent users of emoticons and explore what effects those have in computer-mediated communication.  A two-step research was conducted for the study purpose. Step 1 – an individual survey and Step 2 – group discussion.

emotions, emoticons, expression, perception, avatars, CMC

The results of this research will be published on our blog after the conference.

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